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Our job is not just to put the pieces together, but to understand that each detail, each curve and each function carries a special meaning. In its journey that started in the automotive industry in 2008, our company has prioritized its belief in the power of design and its leadership in this field.

Design Philosophy: Every product has a story and our duty is to tell this story in the best way possible. Our design department sets out to create the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. Each of our designs is meticulously planned to exceed industry standards, exceed customer expectations and anticipate the needs of the future.

Diversity and Flexibility: With many years of experience in the automotive industry, our design department has the ability to adapt to projects of all sizes and complexity. We have a wide range of design capabilities, from sheet metal and plastic part inspection fixtures to special series machining parts and machine automation projects.


CNC Machining

As a pioneer of modern production technologies, our company is managed by a team specialized in the use of CNC machines. Thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, we are proud to offer our customers superior quality and precision parts.

Superior Technology, Uninterrupted Production:Our CNC machines perform operations such as metal cutting, drilling, milling and turning using numerical codes created by computer programs. In this way, we ensure excellent precision and repeatability at every stage.

Special Designs and Prototypes:Flexibility in producing parts specifically designed for customer needs is a fundamental principle of our CNC machining. We meet the demands of our customers by offering a wide range of solutions from prototypes to special series production.

Fast and Efficient Production:When combined with the integration of CNC machining, automation and computer-controlled processes, a fast and efficient production process emerges. This provides the advantage of completing customer projects faster and optimizing delivery processes.



Our company consists of a team specialized in the assembly process, which is the final stage in production. Our installation services consist of a series of steps that are meticulously planned and carried out in accordance with high quality standards.



Our company is a leader specializing in measurement in the automotive industry, providing superior quality service to its customers by focusing on high precision and accuracy standards. We aim for perfection at every stage with the experience we have gained over the years and the special solutions we have developed.

We Achieve Precision with Special Fixtures:In automotive parts manufacturing, measurement of sheet metal and plastic part inspection fixtures plays a critical role. Our company maximizes the quality of produced parts by using fixtures and high-precision measurement equipment designed specifically for customer needs.

We Use Technology in Machining Parts:We produce superior quality products by effectively using advanced measurement technologies in special series machining parts. We constantly update our measurement processes to ensure that each part fully complies with established standards.